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Corpus Christi Cleaning Services strives to provide the highest quality cleaning for your home of office. Our team can provide a professional cleaning service in a quick and reliable manner. We offer cleaning services for residential and commercial customers and can customize a maid service to fit your requirements and budget. We pride ourselves on our quality of service, our employee’s expertise and our ability to respond to our client’s needs. We can tailor our cleaning service to each individual home or office. Let us show you our industry-leading cleaning standards today!

About Us

Corpus Christi Cleaning Services offers an extensive and affordable cleaning for your home or office. If you need cleaning in Corpus Christi Texas, our team is ready and available to take care of your needs. We have an experienced and professional staff that provides amazing results that will save you time and will meet our client’s specific needs. We are excited to bring you a variety of cleaning services and will cater to any of our customer’s needs. Our professional staff is trustworthy and reference checked to ensure you are satisfied with your appointment. Our cleaning services and packages will provide you with more time for the things that are important to you. Let us help you impress your family, guests, and employees with a sparkling clean home or office!

Our Services

We have a variety of services that can match your individual needs. If you need a one-time home cleaning or a weekly office cleaning service, Corpus Christ Cleaning Services has a plan that can fit your budget. We offer services for Corpus Christi, Texas and are available today for new and returning clients. Our cleaners are available for your home or office today. Let us take over your weekly cleaning work!

cleaning floors

House Cleaning

Let Corpus Christi Cleaning Services take care of your home chores. Spend time on the weekends with your family instead of mopping, sweeping and dusting. We will provide an extensive home cleaning service that will keep your home free of allergens, dust, and bacteria. Experienced and reliable, our maid service can have your home spotless and you can go back to enjoying your weekends!

Cleaning sink by our cleaners

Office Cleaning

A clean office environment is essential to the health of your employees. Bacteria and germs are a danger in an office. Illness from airborne germs is the #1 cause of employee sickness.  Air quality inside many offices can be worse than outdoor air quality. You need to disinfect and clean your offices on a constant basis to maintain healthy and productive employees. Our professional office cleaning service will keep your employees healthy, productive and happy.

“We’ve been using Corpus Christi Cleaning Services at our offices for over 6 months now. They keep our office spotless! The staff is always very professional, on-time and personable. I strongly recommend hiring their team!” – Claire R.

Garage Cleaning

Keeping your garage clean can be a difficult task. Over the years, many garages fill with clutter and can no longer be used to park the family vehicle. Let our garage cleaning service take over and you won’t have to worry about the disorder in your garage. We can clear, clean and organize your garage for you! Once we finish with your garage cleaning you will have a pristine space that you can finally park your car in!

Clean garage

Apartment & Condo Cleaning

Our team members can provide the highest quality apartment and condo cleaning available. We take pride in our apartment cleaning services and use only the highest quality cleaning products to give you a pristine home. We follow an extensive cleaning checklist that will have your apartment or condo spotless. Typical condo and apartment cleaning services include bathroom, bedroom, living room and kitchen cleaning. Schedule a weekly or monthly service today.

Cleaning floors by our cleaner

“I needed a deep cleaning for my move out of my last apartment. After hiring their cleaning service, I was so relieved. The apartment was so much cleaner than I could have accomplished, and I was able to get my full deposit returned! They saved me so much time by cleaning the apartment for me.  – Peter G.

A lady cleaner cleaning the kitchen

Spring / Fall Cleaning

Is it that time of year again? Spring and Fall cleanings are very difficult and time- consuming experience. We can prep your home for the season change and give you a beautiful, sparkling clean living space. Dust, allergens, and bacteria will be cleared from your home and you will have a healthier living space. Hiring a professional cleaning service to handle your deep Spring or Fall cleaning can give you time to relax and enjoy yourself! Now is a great time to treat yourself to this service.

A lady cleaner cleaning the mirror

Move In / Move Out

Moving is always an exciting and busy time. It can also be one of the most difficult times to clean. Hiring a move in or move out cleaning service will lessen your stress levels during this busy time. Your security deposit is important and largely depends on how clean you leave your apartment. Hire us for your move out cleaning service and you won’t lose your security deposit.

“I never realized how much free time I would get when I didn’t have to clean my home every week! My wife and I now have most of our weekend’s free thanks to Corpus Christi Cleaning Services. I recommend weekly cleaning for anyone who has kids like us!” – Michael D.

Contact Us Today

Want to learn more about what services we offer? Feel free to reach out and contact us. Make an appointment or receive a free quote by filling out our contact form. You can also reach out for more details about all our cleaning services. We would love to have the opportunity to explain our services in detail to you.